Hearing Health & Care

Far too often people with hearing difficulties do not look for hearing aids believing them to be too expensive or blaming others for mumbling or background noise for their failing hearing. Some people feel that hearing aids will make them look old however the signs of hearing loss are far more noticeable than a tiny hearing aid.

Hearing aids range from €500. If you have paid PRSI you may be entitled to a grant which would cover half this cost. Unlike spectacles hearing aids cannot restore a person to perfect hearing but they can restore you to normal social activity. Modern hearing aids not only amplify sound they also filter out unnecessary noise.

Hearing aids require  upkeep and at Kenneally’s we are always available to clean and maintain the aids for people who may find it difficult to handle the tiny device.

The first step in getting a hearing aid is to have an audiogram. Sean will explain the limitations of your hearing and the potential for improvement.


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