An eye test takes 30 minutes and could add years to your sight!


In addition to testing your eyesight, eye exams also assess neurological function, the overall health of your eye, and the external and internal eye structures. Our comprehensive eye exams include a series of tests to check your vision health as well as your prescription. They test for refractive errors, color vision, and more.

Our Opticians can uncover eye conditions and other health issues that you might not be aware you have by performing these simple tests. Moreover, your vision changes as you age – the eyeball changes shape and the lens can lose its flexibility. You might not even realize your eyesight is getting worse. Bearing all this in mind, routine eye exams provide an opportunity to have your eyesight reassessed and confirm that you are receiving the eye care you need.


  • Full comprehensive eye examinations
  • Retinal Photograpy to monitor diabetic eye changes
  • Colour vision testing Ishihara and City University Test
  • Dry eye treatments
  • Driver Vision Assessment including Type 2 Driving Test Assessment
  • Visual Field Testing
  • Soft and RGP Contact Lens Examinations